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” HSS ” Ltd. – Is a partner and authorized distributor of companies such as

„Steelite International”- Is a world known leader in manufacturing hotel and restaurant tableware. The number one brand among restaurateurs.

«Revol porcelain» – from 1789 creates its products. Revol, is a family business that produces products from annealed porcelain

“mealplak”- with the composite patented material: Nacryl, company creates forms for serving various dishes.

“Bauscher”- German company producing porcelain for hotels and restaurants since 1881


“Serax”- Belgian company, a manufacturer of designer cookware. The company started its activities from 1986.

“Stolzle” – is a leading provider of high-quality glasses, cups, jugs for water, wine decanters and others.

“Hepp”- cutlery and tableware, made in Germany

“Eternum”- cutlery and tableware, made in Belgium


“Frilich” – offers innovative products for the buffet of the hotel sector and gastronomy.

“Spring” – For more than fifty years, the company is synonymous with unparalleled quality in the kitchen – for home gourmets and professional chefs

“TableCraft” – was founded in 1946 by Adolf Davis. Manufacturer and distributor of innovative, multi-functional table and bar equipment.


“APS” – was founded in 1933 In Germany. Company always meets customer requirements.


“Schneider” – Manufacturer and distributor of innovative, multi-functional table and bar equipment.

“Fries Rack System” – kitchen equipment

         “Cambro” – kitchen equipment



“Bentley” – Accessories for hotels and bathrooms.



“Libbey”- Transnational Corporation, the second largest glass manufacturer in the world that unites glasswork factories of Netherlands, Portugal and Latin America.

“LaRochere”- French company. In 1475 company was producing window glass. For now Larochere

“Fischer Bargoin”- French company founded in 1859. Manufacturer of professional knives for chefs.



“Billiet” – a wholesale importer, having a huge warehouse in Belgium of modern kitchen accessories, household and gifts.



“De Witte Lietaur”- Offers a wide range of high quality linen since 1898, for hotels, restaurants and cafes.

“StandardTextile”- American company founded in 1940. It produces textile by the innovative technology.

“Ascolia”- is the creator and manufacturer of mobile furniture for hotel and restaurant sector, medical facilities and other industries.


“Candola”- miracle lamps for the hotel and restaurant business. Their products make pleasant feeling of comfort and are easy and safe in use.


”Comac”- The global brand for 36 years. Professional cleaning services in your organization.

“Rubberrmaid”- waste management, food processing equipment, cleaning, security, transportation and storage materials. .

“Aliseo GmbH”- High quality accessories for hotels and bathrooms.


Founded in 1824, the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory was the first industrial unit dedicated to producing porcelain in Portugal


«Kaldewei GmbH&Co. KG»- bath and shower trays in steel enamel.

Gradus»- Gradus was founded in 1966 and offers solutions for floor coverings.

“Raha”- one of the largest manufacturers, of high quality mattresses for the hotel industry, in the Middle East.

“Intermetal”- company produces a unique, effective and high-quality furniture.


“Celmec International”- It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC equipment.

«Heute GmbH&Co. KG»-manufacturer of shoe cleaning and polishing machines and spare parts to them.

“HartmannTresoreAG” – Multifunction safes

“AliContract” – one of the world’s leading company in the catering industry.


„Hobart” – Food equipment, food processors, cooling systems, bakery equipment

«Athena Arredo Urbano» – decorative metal furniture for streets and parks.

“Baulmann” – Is one of the best high-quality interior lighting manufacturer.

“Chelsom” – is the sample of British style, the tradition of home comfort and impeccable quality.


«Bourgeat»- French manufacturer of professional kitchen utensils, offers a full range of equipment for catering and crockery in all types, shapes and sizes

“PVS SpA” – Emergency and first aid products

“Impact Products LLC”- supplies and accessories for commercial departments


“Hudson Mesa S.r.l.” – professional equipment for kitchen.



“Hagleitner” – The Austrian Company, a leading provider of professional hygiene.

“Pacific Direct”- Founded in 1991, the company successfully delivers its high-quality, luxury toiletries in more than 120 countries worldwide.

“ADA International” – a leading manufacturer and supplier of hotel cosmetics.

“Chelsom” – is the sample of British style, the tradition of home comfort and impeccable quality.



“Sadi Tanay”- Cosmetics for hotels from the Turkish producer.


Pujadas is a company with a long history as a manufacturer of kitchenware, storage systems, transport and small utensils, which provides a wide-ranging service for the Hospitality trade


«Arcansas» – The Company since the establishment is engaged in production and sale of ceramic tiles, parquet, carpet and linoleum.


«LF SpA» – spare parts for professional kitchen equipment, refrigeration, dishwashing and laundry equipment, bar equipment and coffee machines.



«DIEFEBI SPA» – Italian company that promotes worldwide metal furniture. Cabinets and furniture for the staff and cafeteria.

«Bluestream Environmental Technology L.L.C.» – Daily removal of waste.

“Mediagon AG” – water treatment.


“Genesis APS international LTD” – A wide selection of decorative finishing profiles.



Leader in the design and manufacturing of professional catering equipment: Horizontal cooking, ovens and washing.

“Vama Elettrotermo – Meccanica S.r.l.” – Founded in 1950, more than 30 years, specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical appliances.

“VEMA” – equipment for bars, hotels, restaurants, fast food, ice cream parlours, pastry shops, etc.


Founded in 1824, the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory was the first industrial unit dedicated to producing porcelain in Portugal



“Brandenburg UK Ltd.”- Manufacturer of air sterilization systems and systems for the control of insects and etc.

Bragard”- uniforms and footwear for hotels and world-class restaurants

”Simon Jersey” – Uniforms that allow look great and are comfortable during the work.

”Brook Taverner”- Company that produces uniforms from 1912.


“Norvil” – a Spanish company that manufactures since 1980, corporate modern clothes.

“Denny’s” – supplies industries with corporate clothing.

Established in 1996, Ottoman Kitchen Equipment, with its 30-person staff and 18 years of experience, designs, designs and manufactures the kitchens of many different enterprises


„DressBest” – uniforms for HoReCa sector.


“Сarlisle” – glasses from high quality polycarbonate, bar supplies, catering equipment, tableware, kitchenware, storage and processing of products, racks, garbage containers.

“VisvardisS.A” – Greek company since 1968, supplies to restaurants and catering space necessary kitchen equipment.

“Vladimir” – professional kitchen, refrigeration equipment.

„DressBest” – uniforms for HoReCa sector.


“STAHL” – a German company that designs and manufactures washing machines since 1909.

Mepra born in 1947, but the Prandelli family business story begins many years before.

Royal Brierley is the longest established name in English Crystal. Founded in 1776, it is today the most authentic choice for both traditional and contemporary cut crystal.


“Frenox”- refrigerators


“Gamko”- It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional coolers to bar and recreation industry.

Peugeot- the company produces the most famous mills for spices, salt and coffee. History begins with the 19th century.

“Zarges”- Scaffolding, ladders and stairs


“Apir” -Italian company offers, products and accessories for hotels.


Established in 1894, John Beswick is the home of traditional collectable ceramic models and gifts for all ages. Producing a huge collection of lifelike figures including animals and beloved animated characters.

Established in 1750, Royal Crown Derby manufactures the worlds finest tableware in the heart of England. Exquisite Fine Bone China,

Dartington Glass, as it was known until the 1980s, was born in 1967 as one of the Dartington Hall Trust’s social enterprises in North Devon


“Tyco” – fire safety systems.


“Knoxford Limited” – portable dance floors and equipment for parties.

Pmf- portable dance floors

«Bravilor»- manufacturer of professional systems for hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

History from 1947

Mepra born in 1947, but the Prandelli family business story begins many years before.



«Animo»- It produces a wide range of equipment for the foodservice industry.

«GOIN»- Since 1971, produces furniture for hotels, restaurant and other industries

«B&T»– Furniture for all types of industry


«Makfa»- produces Electronic door locks and safes for hotels.



«Trotec»- air dehumidifiers, ventilation equipment, a leader in the field of air-handling and measuring equipment.

«FelixSolingen»- knives with a history of more than 160 years. Blades made entirely of high-alloy stainless steels.

«TEKFİLTRESan.veTic.Ltd.Şti.»- filters for ventilation systems.


«Preval Water Saving Systems»- water-saving devices and accessories.



“Intrad Ltd.” – Materials and structures for the protection of surfaces, handrails and railings, construction for the disabled.

“AKTEKNIK MAKINA SANAYI VETI CARETA.S.” – Aluminium decorative finishing elements for ceramic and carpet flooring.

“Jacobsen Tred safe Ltd.”- Manufacturers of inks, decorative staircases, represent a full range of floor coverings. Work since 1985.


«Matfer»- Created in 1814, designs and manufactures equipment for the hospitality industry.



Mühldorfer has been producing quality bedding in Haidmühle in the Bavarian Forest national park for almost 100 years

“«AxproCarpets»- wide selection of floor coverings for all types of objects.