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Company Info


Established in 2011 by partners having more than 10 years experience in the hospitality field. Products presented and marketed by HSS are well-known worldwide for their quality and value for money, and have been sourced and serviced exclusively for you – The Customer.

Equipment and accessories, supplied by HSS, include, but are not limited to, engineering spare parts and maintenance consumables, kitchen equipment spares, ventilation system filters and fan belts, technical salt for the water softeners, plumbing accessories and faucets, water saving devices, hotel guestroom amenities, including safes and electronic door locks, waste management solutions, aluminum floor mating, wall covering and protection possibilities, staff furniture and lockers, uniforms and interior signage.

In March of 2015 we opened a retail store “Your Royal House”, where you can find most exclusive and high quality glass and tableware.




Our company is engaged in the supplies of the clients occupied in the hotel and restaurant business by the relevant equipment, spare parts and components, interior materials and accessories, uniforms, and also delivers an office furniture and necessary equipment for hotel guest rooms, kitchens and restaurants.

The company is a wholesale and a retail dealer for the equipment for any customer, which is ordered from the list of products manufactured by the companies-partners.

Playing a link role between the manufacturer and the consumer, company HSS accelerates and simplifies the process of procurement, ordering and delivery of the equipment and spare parts to an end user.

We do all of this with an emphasis on observance of ecology during introducing of the new technologies and energy saving devices into the already existing or planned properties and developments.

Other important direction of activities of our company is the management, technical support and service of the buildings and “A” class offices, consultation and resolving of technical problems, which may arise during operation of the equipment, preventive and after-sale services of the systems and main equipment, fire safety and video surveillance devices. Additionally, by the customer request, we implement monitoring and control of the electrical and water supply measuring devices and meters with the subsequent recommendations for the cost reduction of the utility services.

We accept an initial request from a potential purchaser for the information regarding the quality, price, delivery dates, etc., of any particular product.


Company Mission


HSS Ltd main goal is to provide high quality operational supplies and equipment spare parts to the hospitality and service industry in the Caucasus Region.

Company procurement policy target is the selected group of Clients, comprising leading Hotel Chains, Catering Companies, Embassies, Hospitals, Food & Beverage facilities, Office Buildings and other Institutions.

Hospitality business is growing up rapidly in the region and HSS has a target to cover the existing gap between the direct suppliers and end-users in this particular field. Having huge experience, we believe that it can be done with the help of all procurement companies we have relations with.